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Asian Landscaping

If you are laying out your landscaping plan and considering something with the flair of the exotic, you may want to consider adding a little or a lot of Asian landscaping to your lawn and garden. Asian landscaping is a broad term, and can incorporate everything from simple container rock gardens to full blown teak decks, Japanese style pavilions and gardens full of bonsai. As with any type of landscaping, take as much as you need from Asian landscaping to make your yard your own.

Asian LandscapingWhen most people hear “Asian landscaping” they most likely think of koi ponds, which certainly fit in that category. A water feature of any kind can have big impact in a garden, and a koi pond is no exception. The thick, golden fish move about tranquilly in their pond, bringing additional life and animation to the water.

Keep in mind that ponds of any type are a big endeavor, and keeping the water clean, clear and healthy for koi is very important. If your pond has a pebbled bottom, avoid using fish food that sinks; if the koi don’t gobble it up right away, it will be trapped and decay, clouding the water. For nearly maintenance free clean water, use a Barley Ball; a slotted, plastic ball filled with barley coated with algae eating bacteria. Just toss it in and switch it out every six months.

Asian LandscapingOn the softscape side of Asian landscaping are the famous bonsai plants; miniature potted plants (normally) sculpted with care into pleasing shapes. Traditional bonsai follow the plant’s natural rhythm in a controlled-free growth. Plants that have been shaped into an unnatural form, to resemble an animal or geometric shape, for example, are called topiary.

Tropical plants can add an element of Asian landscaping both outdoors and indoors. Some palm trees, such as the Pygmy Date Palm, are perfect for containers in rooms with high ceilings and plenty of light and can do just as well out of doors.

Stone lanterns, round gates and Asian statuary are a number of hardscape elements to give your home and garden a flair of the Orient. However you decide to add these elements to your lawn, you can be assured of a flattering word or two from visitors to your home.


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