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Bismarck Palms

Native to Madagascar, the Bismarck Palm fits in well with Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and some parts of Virginia. In fact it is quite common in all the south, dotting the beaches with a beauty that is indisputable.  The Bismarck Palm personifies the idea of a sunny beach vacation for those who don’t live near the beach and is a constant in the lives of those who do.  An interesting thing about the Bismarck Palm is that can survive a frost, making it a viable landscaping option for some climates in the north.

Bismarck PalmsThe Bismarck Palm looks best when placed in landscapes that allow it to leisurely sway in the breeze, teasing the sun with its silver-green leaves. While the Bismarck Palms will still thrive when packed together, the closeness hides the definition of the plant, which is what makes it such a great item to landscape with in the first place. 

In addition to its attractive appearance, there are other characteristics that make the Bismarck Palm a great addition to landscaping plans.  First, the Bismarck Palm tolerates dry conditions as well as it does a chill.  Second, it has few to no natural enemies, meaning that pest control issues are virtually non-existent.  Third, it can be brought in from the outside without choking on unfamiliar indoor elements.  The ability to move the Bismark Palm from inside to outside to inside again provides a lot of flexibility, especially if you have a sunroom or breezeway that can house the plant should there be a cold snap predicted. The Bismarck Palm is sensitive to transplanting, so if you think it might be moved, it is best to leave it in a container until you determine the place of its permanent home. However, moving the plant freely and often may not be practical once the tree gets to a certain size and they do grow fairly fast.  And they aren’t small trees – they can grow up to 60’ in height.

The Bismarck Palm makes a good natural fence across the back of your property or down the side.  It also works well as the focal point of a flower garden, next to a water feature, or along a driveway.  The unique color of the Bismarck Palm’s leaves goes well with other deep colors, like hues of red, yellow, and purple.  This palm tree is also good for adding texture to landscapes and for defining a space.

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