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Cactus Garden Ideas

Cactus gardens are easy to develop and maintain. The cacti are native to the US, mostly occurring in the southwestern states, Mexico, South and Central America. Some species are native to Haiti and other islands. These plants are grown for their unique shapes and spectacular flowers.

Cacti are synonymous to deserts, high levels of light, and inhospitable temperatures. However, there are many smaller cactus plants that grow under rocks or bushes in this environment, and therefore don’t receive constant solar radiation. 

Cactus garden ideasCactus gardens need light for photosynthesis. However, minimal reflective light or morning sun is sufficient for the cactus. Although all cacti enjoy a lot of sunlight, one must be careful not to over-expose it to the sun. Usually, they thrive on a half-day of full sunlight. The exceptions are the tree or jungle cacti, and some others like the Astrophytums and some naked cacti, which grow well in shaded or filtered sunlight, as they have no spines to shade them.

There are many sources where you can get excellent cactus garden ideas, both from gardening books and on the Internet. Here are a few to start out with:


Cactus Garden ideas

  • Cactus gardens need very low maintenance and are easy to grow. One can put them outside during the summer, and bring them indoors during the winter season.

  • Build an enclosure or a low stonewall which can be covered with soil. Ensure that the soil drains easily. You can make your own cactus soil by adding two parts of sand, one part of gravel, and two parts of potting soil. When you plant cactus in the elevated area, it ensures that the excess water drains out.

  • Another useful cactus garden idea is to plant them in pots if you live in cold areas. This way, the plants can be brought indoors when the weather turns cold.

  • cactus garden ideas

    Cactus gardens are so easy to care for you don’t even have to water them. The rainfall you receive will be quite enough.

  • Cactus gardens are easy to look after. One need not even water the plants. The rainfall you get is quite sufficient for it.

  • Another important cactus garden idea is to not let the plant sit in water. Allow them to go dry between watering them. Water in moderation during wintertime as they have a slow growth rate in this season.

  • Night temperature of 50°F is required during the winter.

  • Plant fertilizers should be used during the growing season, but only at half the strength recommended.


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