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English Garden Design

One of the most difficult parts of English garden design is the planning of that design. The idea of an English garden is to create a beautiful space outside of your home where you can feel the peace of nature creeping in. The best way to do this is to have a good design plan that features many of the standard elements of good English garden design.

English Garden DesignOne element you want to be sure to incorporate in your English garden design is arbors. An arbor is the perfect element for your English garden design for a number of reasons. It makes a wonderful place to simply sit and rest. On that note, it can also make a great place to think. An arbor is a very simple structure. It provides almost no protection from the weather, and for the most part, it should be open to the sky, helping to aide the natural light of your English garden design. Arbors are essentially a frame for your plants.

You may want to go with a curved or an angled shape for your English garden design. You could also go with an arbor made from a variety of building materials including wood and metal. The best part about an arbor is the shade they will provide you with to sit, think, rest, or look in the summer months.

Another essential element of English garden design is box. Box has been used in English garden design for hundreds of years. It is primarily used for hedging. It can, though, provide decorative essence as well. You may choose from the silver or gold tipped varieties in your English garden design. If you leave it unclipped, it can grow up to fifteen feet tall. The shiny leaves have a nice scent. In the spring, you might find some small yellow flowers on your box. It will grow well in the sun or semi-shade. Be sure not to clip until your plant is two to three years old.

English Garden DesignIncluding a garden path in your English garden design is also essential. Your plant choices around that path are what will make the difference between a good English garden design and a poor one. You want to ensure that your path gently curves throughout your garden. This will give the person on the path time to truly appreciate the delicacies of your English garden design. Lavender, Dianthus, or miniature roses all make good choices to border the paths in your English garden design, as they offer scent as well as function to guests.

To landscape the path area, you can use any number of materials for your English garden design. The material you choose will depend on your budget for the project. You may want to go with a gravel or bark based path if your budget is small. Stone or some type of stone slab would look very nice if your budget is a bit larger. No matter what building material you use for your path in English garden design, be sure that the path itself is big enough to get your wheelbarrow down it without causing damage to the garden itself.

Planning your English garden design to include the elements above will make a space you will be quite happy with at the end of the day.

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