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Flowers and Plants

Much like paint on a canvas or a pen upon paper produces great works, flowers and plants are the elements of eye-catching landscaping. But we don't always know our medium well enough to capture our desired effect, particularly in the cool weather of the fall and of the spring. Following, is a little more information on annuals and perennials, the two categories of flowers and plants that you must understand well to get positive results from your landscaping efforts.


Annual flowers and plants

Flowers and PlantsThere are many annual flowers and plants that like cool weather and will behave fabulously for you, drawing attention to all of the right places and adding a flair of color to your landscaping. And if you don’t feel comfortable putting them in the ground when the season is the chilliest, you can begin by planting them in outside pots and window boxes, waiting until it warms up just a bit to put additional flowers in the ground. Flowers and plants that work well include violas and pansies that will actually hold up if you happen to get one last freeze. Snapdragons, petunias, and marigolds are also hearty while delivering a bang of blazing color wherever they are planted. Diascia, Cornflower, and Nasturtium can also be depended up to add a live spark to chillier weather.


Perennial Flowers and Plants

Flowers and PlantsThe wonderful thing about perennial plants and flowers is that many of them change colors that match the seasons. They seem to dance in harmony with the trees, highlighting their taller colleagues in brilliant color and dazzling textures. Some perennial flowers and plants that are happy to bloom in cooler weather include aster, blue mist shrub, turtlehead, and the chrysanthemum. The perennial sunflower, the false sunflower, and golden rod are also hardy flowers and plants that can be counted on to add warmth to cooler weather.

All of the flowers and plants listed here continue to do well as temperatures begin to rise. Cooler weather annuals and perennials stand as constants while new growth rises from the earth around them in the spring and neighboring flowers and plants say good bye in the winter, dying with grace. Those who love gardening like to have something in bloom throughout the year. By planting flowers that do well in cooler weather, more of the year will be painted in the brilliant colors that only natural flowers can bring to a landscape.



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