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Free Landscaping Software

Free things don’t come around nearly enough, but you might be surprised at what you can find when you go looking for it.  Free landscaping software will be the best find for those who love working outdoors and who are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their surrounding.  By downloading free landscaping software, you’ll suddenly have access to a plethora of design ideas, plan, and landscaping tips. 

Free Landscaping SoftwareWorking with free landscaping software will be like having your own personal designer – but without the cost.  You won’t have to worry about hidden fees, personality differences, or your privacy. Other benefits of free landscaping software is that unlike working with a space designer, you’ll be able to access it anytime of day you want, scheduling your planning activities when it is most convenient for you.  If you get an impromptu idea – go to the computer and try it out. 

What will you need?  A computer and an Internet connection.  And of course your computer must have file sharing capabilities and the memory to accommodate the addition of the free landscaping software, which can take up quite a bit of space.  An Internet search will provide you will several current offers, simply go to or your favorite search engine and type in the keyword phrase “free landscaping software.” 

Free Landscaping SoftwareCompare the technical requirements to what your computer has available and choose the best one for your system. You’ll find that the minimum requirements for most free landscaping software programs are as follows: 800Mhz PC, Windows XP or 2000, Internet Explorer 6 or newer, a 3D video card and 256MB. Once you get past the technical aspects of running the free landscaping software on your computer, you’ll need to take some basic measurements.

Take the measurements of the exterior of your house, any driveways and walks, your yard, and of any features that will not be moved, such as a pond, gazebo, or patio.  Once you enter the data into the appropriate places in your free landscaping software, it will produce a 3D design that you can then manipulate – adding items, subtracting items, enlarging flower beds, and creating entirely new features as you experimenting with placement.  With free landscaping software, you’ll get to add walls, rails, steps, and edit terrain at will.


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