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Garden Hose Reel

The garden hose reel is a more of a convenience than many people realize.  It is easy to believe that “winding” a hose up after each use is more trouble than it is worth. Satisfied with their hose lying around like long slithering snakes across their yard all season, they pull them here and there as they mow the lawn, water flowers, and put up outdoor recreation equipment. The hoses are tripped over, stepped on, and ultimately, damaged.

Garden Hose ReelA garden hose reel is actually very easy to use and no trouble at all.  Reels come in a variety of types including retractable, portable, wheeled, and attachable -- which can be secured to the side of your house if you like. Once you have experienced the use of a garden hose reel, you’ll wonder how you went so long without one. Whether you choose one that feeds your hose parallel or one that feeds your hose perpendicular, you’ll find the convenience of using a garden hose reel indisputable.  They are highly recommended for anyone who has flowerbeds to water, driveways and sidewalks to wash down, and who uses sprinklers.

Garden Hose ReelGenerally made of plastic or metal, some varieties can be quite flexible.  For example, you can move the hose on your mounted garden hose reel located at the back of your hose to a garden hose reel that has wheels, enabling you to easily bring your hose around to the front of your house when needed.  Or, you could mount a garden hose reel at the front of your house and also at the back of your house if you do a lot of watering in both places.  The goal is to make lawn and garden care as easy as possible.  A garden hose reel will help you to do just that. Instead of tugging and pulling, you effortlessly roll and unroll your hose at will.  And when you aren’t using it, you don’t see it at all.  This gives your yard an crisp well-maintained look.



If you are sold on the convenience of using a garden hose reel, but are worried about their appearance, you can relax.  Their design varies as much as their flexibility of use. There are many companies that make the reels.  With a little Internet research, you can find a garden hose reel that blends with your house or landscaping.  There are also garden hose reels available that instead of blending in, stand out as a unique element in your over all landscape design. 

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