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Garden Tillers

If you are tired of hoeing and are looking for a new way to break up and work the soil of your yard and garden, a tiller is a great tool for you to check out. These machines are incredibly user friendly as well as environmentally friendly. If you are unsure about what type of tiller to purchase or where to purchase one, this is the perfect article to learn the best information you can before making any purchases.

Garden TillersAlmost every retail store that sells garden and lawn equipment and tools will provide a large variety of tillers for the professional and amateur gardener. These tillers are a more effective tool for people who own a larger garden. For people who only have a small garden, a tiller might be too big to work up the ground effectively enough. Owning a tiller is a great investment as it can be used for areas all over your lawn that you are choosing to fix and even easier for people creating new garden areas. You no longer have to break your back by using a hoe for hours at a time trying to break up the hard ground.

Using a Tiller Correctly

A tiller is very similar to a lawn mower. All you have to do is push the tiller through the soil that you are intending to break up. The more times you go through the same patch of soil, the softer it will become. Depending on what you are planning on growing in this soil you may not want to work up the soil too much, this is completely at your discretion. These tillers are easy for anyone to use, men and women alike. They are not difficult to push unless you are trying to work up very hard ground. You will find that your area of ground will be worked up successfully in less than half the time it takes to hoe your garden by hand. Almost every tiller has a pull cord start now and a four stroke engine; meaning that the engine does not mix gasoline and oil, making it a very clean running machine.


Tiller Features

Garden TillersThere are hundreds of different types of tillers that you can choose from. They sell small, medium and large tillers to suit the needs of everyone’s garden. There are some tillers that combine many other features such as leaf blowers, shredders and more in one machine. These are becoming popular but they are very large machines. The average tiller is smaller than a lawn mower and has the ability to work up the ground at many different speeds and strengths. This is the main feature that makes a tiller one hundred times better than a hoe!

Garden tillers are sold everywhere at reasonable prices. You can spend less than $200 for your tiller as well as saving hours in hoeing and hard labor. This type of outdoor equipment is great for every household, no matter how big or small the yard and garden may be. Tillers are a great tool to take advantage of.

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