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Hibiscus Flowers

There are many different types of hibiscus flowers and all are beautiful. If you are looking to plant some hibiscus, you need to learn all you can about this beautiful flower and how to care for them properly. With over 200 different known species of hibiscus flowers, each one is beautiful and unique in its own way. It’s impossible to describe each and every one here in one article and a person could easily spend a lifetime studying these amazing flowers.

Hibiscus Flowers

However, we are going to attempt a quick overview into hibiscus flowers with this article. The hibiscus is one of the most easy to recognize species of flower in the world. They have a unique arrangement of flower parts with a staminal tube that surrounds a long, slender style that is split into separating branches at the top. Once you have seen a hibiscus, you will be able to recognize any others that you see, regardless of species.

Hibiscus flowers are probably some of the prettiest blossoms around which is why they are so popular. They come in many bright, beautiful colors and they bloom nice and full. There are literally thousands of colors and color combinations of hibiscus flowers.

Hibiscuses are often called “the tropical flower” because of the tropical areas they are typically found in and they are well known for being edible and can be found in salads and even herbal teas. (However, we don’t suggest trying to eat a hibiscus if you think you find one in the wild.)

Hibiscus FlowersThere are many other features that make these flowers naturally beautiful and also very useful. Hibiscus flowers do not wilt – even if you forget to water them – until it is their natural time to close so it is very common to see them used as decoration or for sending as gift flowers. You can pick these early before they bud and keep them cold and it will prevent them from blooming until you remove them from the cold. They are often used in weddings and other occasions where large flower arrangements are needed.

There are even more known practical uses for the flowers as certain types were crushed and used as shoe polish and black hair dye. It’s no wonder at all that these flowers are so popular with all that they are used for as well as their natural beauty. They can make a beautiful addition to your garden if you live in a climate that supports healthy growth as well.


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