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How to choose lawn edging

Lawn edging is used for the transition from lawns to planting beds or a patio.  In addition to being attractive, edging also serves many practical purposes.  There are so many options available today so you do not have to worry about lawn edging being boring.  You can decide what is the best lawn edging for you and what you prefer. 

Lawn EdgingLooking at the practical side, lawn and garden edging gives you many advantages.  It will give you a cleaner mowing line when you are mowing the lawn.  If you use mulch it will help keep in place and where it should be.  It also saves weeding and trimming time.  It helps provide a root barrier to prevent invasive lawn grasses from entering your flowerbeds. 

Edging also gives your landscape many appearance advantages as well.  It will add value to your landscape without costing you a lot of money.  Edging also shows off your flowers and shrubs.  It can also be used to compliment and use contrast to your house and the rest of your landscape.  Most edging will adapt to straight or curved areas also. 

Lawn EdgingThere are all sorts of different kinds of lawn and garden edging available.  Wood styles range from natural finish to decorative fence versions.  You can use landscape timbers and railroad ties for edging as well.  These are good for larger areas.  There is also metal lawn edging.  This tends to give a more commercial look and will last almost forever.  Plastic lawn edging is available in rolls or you can also find those in decorative fence styles.  If you are after a more formal or fancy appearance, you may want to consider stone, brick, or concrete.  If you do not want to use any of these materials, you can always go with living plants, mondo grass, or annuals.  If you do not want anything at all, you can make v shapes into the sod between the lawn and your plants and this would be used as your barrier. 

When you are choosing the style and material that you want to use for your lawn edging.  You can use already made lawn edging or you can make your own.  There is no real difference as long as it does what it is intended for and that is to keep your plants and flowers separated from your lawn.  You will find that lawn edging will make your life a lot easier and make your landscape look fresh and well maintained. 

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