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How to Landscape with Solar Lights

One sure way to enhance any landscape is to light it up!  For many people, that is just what they have been doing for many years with low-voltage lighting systems or standard fixtures.  Standard fixtures are those that operate on regular 110-volt household current.  These often require installation and can be time consuming.  A new way to add light and beauty to your home is with solar powered lights. 

Solar LightsSolar lighting is much less expensive then the other lighting sources.  There is no need to install any electrical boxes or wires.  Solar light fixtures are also less expensive than the traditional lighting fixtures.  This way you can afford to place more of them around your house to illuminate more of your property. 

The only downfall of solar powered lights is that you need to make sure they are placed in sunny areas.  After all they do rely on solar technology to make them run.  But when placed in full sun, most of these lights will give you eight to ten hours of continuous light at night. The light omitted by solar lights is controlled by a photocell, which is bright enough to illuminate a path yet soft enough to add highlights to plants and other garden features. You can place them around flowerbeds, sidewalks, patios, decks, pools, or around your house for added security. 

Installation of solar lights is simple.  Most only require snapping the top of the light to the bottom part of the light and then using the stake that is attached to them, push them into the ground in any location that you choose. 

The only maintenance these lights require is an occasional cleaning of the lens and cover to remove dust or debris, plus a once-a-year replacement of the bulb and batteries. So if you've been thinking about lighting up your landscape, but weren't quite sure which way to go, consider solar lights. They might be the perfect solution to your landscape lighting needs. The wonderful thing about solar lights is that they rely on an energy source that is going to around for many, many years. 

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