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How to Choose Shrubs

You may find that when you decide that you want to plant shrubs in your yard that there are so many different types of shrubs to choose from and you may feel overwhelmed.  There are a few things to think about before you decide on the right shrubs for you. 

Choosing ShrubsFirst you need to decide why and where you want your shrubs.  There are many reasons for wanting to plant shrubs on your property.  Some people want them for appearance and some want them for privacy or to mark a property line.  Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself are: 

  • How high do you want the shrubs to be when they are fully-grown? 
  • Leaves all year round ... or not?  
  • You want to choose from shrubs that have white flowers in spring.
  • Your garden has normal soil conditions ... no more special acid conditioning or lime addition required.
  • Some of the shrubs will be used for screening the neighbor's washing line.
  • Your garden does not have much shade so the list of shrubs to choose from must grow in full sun.


You may want to choose formal shrubs because they are pleasing to the eye.  However you will have to spend more time on them with the trimming.  You will want to keep them narrow and formal in appearance.  Informal can be all one kind or mixed plants and will spread up to eight feet long.  They are low maintenance and can offer fruit and flowers as well as beautiful seasonal colors and shapes.

Choosing ShrubsChoosing hedge plants should take time and consideration as to size, maintenance, and amount of property available for planting. Let's face it, privacy is important to most of us. If your neighbors are somewhat untidy and do not know what mowing the lawn is this you may decide you need some privacy between the two properties. 

The hedge, border of shrubs, affords more privacy than other plants. Evergreens will continue providing privacy throughout the year. Deciduous shrubs of course will be dormant in the winter without leaves and will only give a certain amount of seclusion.

One thing to remember when choosing to plant shrubs is that they will be there for a very long time so it is important to take your time deciding which one is best for you.  Whatever shrubs you do decide on, you can be sure you will be pleased with the your new addition to your property and will enjoy them for years. 

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