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How to landscape around a Gazebo

Gazebos add countless years of beauty in countless ways to your garden. As long as you know how to landscape around a gazebo, the preparation of the site becomes easier. A gazebo contributes to the ambience of the garden in a twofold manner, as a separate structure that can have its own landscaping, and as a magnificent addition to the existent landscape.

Considering that the gazebo needs to be landscaped on its own, there are numerous was of embellishing it. Some people plant vines and ivies, which spread on the latticework. Regular pruning keeps the structure neat and completely covered. If this is done the right way, the gazebo would look absolutely lovely.

Landscaping Around a GazeboThe first thing is to decide on the type of gazebo you have in mind. When selecting a gazebo, think about what purpose it will serve. For example, if the gazebo is to be used as an outdoor living place, it should be a model that is enclosed. Enclosed gazebos come complete with doors and windows, and are similar to a small house in the backyard. Such kinds of enclosed gazebos serve as a perfect place for a romantic getaway.

If you are wondering how to landscape around a gazebo, you can either do it yourself, or hire a contractor to do it for you. If you choose to do it on your own, it involves purchasing materials, making plans, setting up the gazebo, and landscaping around it, so that the gazebo and your garden complement each other.

Landscaping around a gazeboHere are a few ideas on how to landscape around a gazebo. You could place arbors strategically around the gazebo to provide more shade. The arbors also serve to accentuate certain sections, provide privacy, and also adds the pleasure of enjoying the climbing flowers. You could also include decorative planters and garden beds around the gazebo. Planter benches are the best choice for those who want to add seating as well as plants.

To create the ultimate gazebo experience, place gliders, benches, or even lounge chairs around a garden pond or an ornamental fountain. Bird feeders and a few birdbaths also prove to be appealing additions. You can turn it into an elegant place to entertain your guests by installing a brick barbecue or a fire pit in the center, surrounding it with torches or lamps, which will give it quite a splendid effect at night.


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