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How to Landscape a Walkway

Landscaping a walkway is an invitation to your home, an important feature of your overall appeal of the house.  There is something inviting about a home that has a walkway beautifully landscaped.  It is fun to create your own design and landscaping it yourself.    People will be sure to compliment you on your design that you have created.

Walkway LandscapingLandscaping a walkway is a project that you and your family can complete in one weekend.  The first thing that you need to decide is what you are going to use to landscape your walkway.  There are many things to decide from.  You can choose to use green plants, flowers, shrubs, lights, or even stones.  You need to decide what is best suited for your space and what will enhance your walkway in the best fashion. 

You can follow the path of your current walkway that you have now, or you can decide to extend your walkway beyond and create a garden or patio for yourself.  It is all up to your imagination.  

The next step is to dig a trench for whatever it is that are going to use to line your walkway.  If you are planting flowers, then plant them as you dig.  Once you have all of your flowers planted, you can line them with decorative stones or mulch to fill in the gaps. 

If you are planting shrubs, make sure that you leave the recommended space between each one.  This will ensure that they grow properly and do not overcrowd themselves as they grow.  You can use the same method to fill in the spaces or gaps as above with stones or mulch. 

Walkway LandscapingIf you are looking to brighten up your walkway, choose plants or shrubs with a burst of color.  You do not have to go with the normal greenery that everyone else is doing.  Be creative and choose plants that fit your own personal style.  After all it is your home and a reflection of your style.  Choose flowers or plants that accent your home or walkway. 

If your walkway needs lighting, that is an easy fix too.  Low-voltage landscape lighting is a simple improvement and can make a huge difference in how your home looks in the daytime and at night.  It can also add a little extra security to your home.  All you need is a transformer, low-voltage electrical cable, and the lighting fixtures.  You do not need to be a pro at electrical wiring to do this. 

You need to plug the transformer into a GFCI protected outdoor electrical outlet fitted with a ‘while in use’ cover.  This is a plastic box that covers the power cord.  The transformer needs to have enough capacity to support the cumulative wattage of the lights in the system.   Twelve gauge cable runs from the transformer to the individual fixtures, which plug into the cable with a snap connection.  You can bury the cable that runs between the fixtures in a shallow trench covered with soil.  You can also add plants or mulch around to fill in the gaps or for extra beauty. 

Landscaping your walkway can be a fun and exciting way to decorate your home.  All you need is a little time and imagination. How to landscape a walkway can be completed any way you like, with stones, flowers, concrete, and wood or just with a little added light.

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