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How to Landscape with Edging

How to landscape with edging is made easy as you read this article. Edging not only completes the landscape, but it also helps to prevent the weeds, and grass from sneaking into your gardens.  Edging can be black, brown, red, green, wood, brick or pretty much any type of material that you want to use.

Landscape with edgingThere are many reasons to use edging in your landscaping, some of which include, to hold moisture in, to stop grass from creeping into your garden, to prevent your flowers from growing out into the yard, to keep your mower under control when mowing around the flowers, and also to help keep the mulch pushed into one general area where you want it to be. Edging gives your gardens a much more beautiful finished overall appearance.

Landscape with edging is a very enjoyable area of your lawn area.  You don’t want to have to weed eat a lot in your lawn, so using the right type of edging, like the black plastic edging that you can push down into the ground you can mow right up to the garden without having to pull out the weed eater.

What you will need to first do is decide what type of edging you might like to see in your landscape.  Then you will need to decide if you are going to use it around an existing garden area or if you are going to plant a new garden.  No matter what type of garden you use edging around, you should pick an edging that fits your existing landscape and needs.

Landscape EdgingFor example, if you to use cement edging around a garden where children will often play, you may find that the children will often times move your edging.  Therefore, you might want to work with a type of edging that is not moveable and that will serve your purpose of outlining the garden at the same time, which a plastic, or a metal garden edging will.

After you have decided what type of edging you want to use in your landscaping and around your gardens you will need to use your shovel to dig out the sod where you will be installing the edging. Often times starting the edging is the most difficult part because there are so many creative ways you can use each type. Starting with a flat surface when using cement type edging will be important.

As you finish, putting down your edging you will want to put mulch over the garden area up to and next to the edging.  This will keep the entire garden area moist, and will add extra protection so weeds and grass can’t jump over the edging where it may start growing. Planning plays an important part in landscaping with edging.

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