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How to Make a Pond

How to make a pond is something many homeowners often, consider when trying to change their landscaping. Deciding to make your own pond can be a fun a recreational weekend project.  This is a wonderful and inexpensive addition to any backyard.  All you need is a little imagination and some space. 

Making a PondThe first thing that you need to do is get a liner for your pond.  There are several different materials that can be used to line your pond.  The most economical material to use would be a PVC liner.  There are few things to consider first before you start digging your hole for your pond.  These factors will affect the way your pond looks and the overall finished product of your pond.

Think about where you want to install your pond.  Make sure that it is in a safe location in your yard.  Make sure that you choose a location that has plenty of sunlight for your pond.  A pond should have sunlight for at least half a day.  This will decrease the chances of your pond having problems with algae.  If you decide to have water plants in your pond they will not grow properly in areas that receive too much shade.

Making a PondConsider the shape you want your pond to be and outline it with a garden hose first to make sure it is what you want.  It is easier to install a PVC liner in a squarer pond.  Once you have your outline, you can start digging out your pond.  If your pond is going to be 4’X 6’ or less, a shovel and regular digging tools will be fine.  It is important to remember that the bottom of your pond does not need to be level, however the top of your pond must be level.  You also must have three inches between the fill line of your pond and the ground around it.  This will insure that the rainwater and groundwater do not flood the pond. 

Once you have your area dug out you will need to smooth the sides and bottom to protect the liner from potential holes and tears.  The bottom of the liner will carry the most weight and it is recommended that at least three inches of regular sand be spread in the bottom of the hole before the liner is installed.  The pond liner should be at least 45-mil thick.  You can purchase these at any home improvement store.  It is best to let your pond liner warm in the sun for a few hours before you install it.  This just makes it easier to work with.  Pull the liner over the top of the hole and work it carefully down to the bottom of the pond making sure to leave extra all the way around the edges.  Try to get all the creases and wrinkles out of the liner. 

Once your liner has been installed, you can now start filling your pond with water.  As the water is filling, keep trying to work the wrinkles out of your liner.  You can stop filling when you are three inches from the top of your pond. 

Now you are ready to set the edge of your liner.  You can choose brick or stone or any material that fits your design plans.  The material you choose should completely cover the edge of the pond liner and dirt can be used to cover in between.  Once this is done, the excess liner can be cut away.  You now have decretive pond in your yard to be filled with plants or fish or anything that you want.  You do not need to put anything in the pond to make it complete.  The very fact that you made it yourself and its own beauty will be enough for most.  Use your imagination when you build your own pond.

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