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How to Plant a Rose Bush

How to plant a rose bush is what we are going to discuss in this article.  A rose bush can come in various sizes, colors, shapes and for different grow zones.  First, you should know where you are (zone eight, zone nine, etc) and you should have a good idea where you want to plant your rose bush before going out shopping.  Most roses will need a well draining soil, and about six to eight hours of sunlight a day, very few will grow in the constant shade of a tree.

Plant a rose bushSo you have chosen a type of rose bush, and you have matched this with the location you want to plant the rose bush and the grow zone you are located in.  It is time to get busy planting your rose bush!  Often times rose bushes are sold, as they are a young, without too much bush actually being on the stem. The larger the plant you purchase the more careful you will have to be as shock of moving a plant can easily kill it no matter how careful you really are in planting it.

If you are not sure about the soil where you are planting the rose bush, you need to know the pH levels of the soil.  A rose is going to like a soil a little higher pH levels, about 6 to 8.  Home tests are available at most all retail stores where you purchase plants, and they cost less than five dollars.  Add any lime, acid or such you need to the soil to create the best environment for the soil to test higher and to support the needs of a rose bush.

Plant a rose bushTo plant a rose bush, you most likely are starting with a potted rose bush, in a pot or in a burlap ball.  You want to dig a hole that is at least twice the size of the container that the rose is in currently.  In the hole, you will add a fresh mixture of soil containing nutrients or phosphorus materials to keep the soil loose as the rose bush transforms and begins to root where you planted it.  Avoid adding fertilizer directly on the roots of your rose bush.

As you begin the planting of your rose bush be sure to loosen the soil a little around the roots before you put it into the hole.  Roses in containers will have tight roots if they have been sitting for a few months so you want to loosen them a bit before planting a rose bush in the garden.  Your rose bush should not have black spots, you should not see any insects or bugs and if you see broken limbs or branches when planting the rose bush these should be trimmed to avoid over stress for the plant.

When planting a rose bush, water it every evening but not when it is dark out.  Avoid watering during the high heat of the day where water can burn the leaves in the sunlight.  Watering daily for the first two weeks will give your rose bush the best chances of survival. Don’t over water the rose bush, if you see a puddle of water forming stop and allow the water to soak into the soil. Avoid placement of too many perennials and other flowers where you plant a rose bush. 


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