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How to Plant a Dwarf Tree

How to plant a dwarf tree is the topic we are going to tackle in this article. Planting a dwarf tree is very similar to planting a small tree that will grow to be very tall and strong. There are a few small differences that will take place when planting a dwarf tree and it will all start with the condition of your soil.

How to Plant a Dwarf TreeThe condition of your soil is important for supporting any type of tree. A dwarf tree however, is not going to have long supportive roots that many other types of trees may, so you will want to place your dwarf tree in an area where it will not be too dry, and that the tree may have access to some type of moisture during the longest driest portions of the summer months.

You will also not want to plant a dwarf tree under the shade of another tree, nor in the shade of your home. Placement of a dwarf tree in the shade will prevent the healthy growth of a tree, even if it is only going to grow to a smaller size of other trees. Small trees still require a good amount of sunlight, moisture and the freedom to grow where the roots may hold it steady and up right.

Other considerations when planting a dwarf tree will be what type of tree you are going to plant. Some trees are meant for only tropical conditions while others are very hardy. Consider what type of weather conditions and insects may be in your area before choosing a dwarf tree that you haven’t seen planted in your local area before. All trees will have tags that list what grow zones are best for growth.

How to plant a dwarf treeWhen planting a dwarf tree you will need to determine where you will plant your tree, and then you can start digging your hole. You will want to make the hole big enough to hold at least three wheel barrels full of mixed soil. The soil you mix will be composed of topsoil, cow manure, peat moss and just two shovels of sand to keep the soil loose. After digging the hole, put two wheel barrels full of soil into the hole, making a dip in the middle where you will put the tree. Place the tree standing straight up in the hole.

Now you will put the remaining soil around the tree, making sure you pat the soil around the roots so there are no air pockets around the roots. Plant your tree in the spring or in the fall months when trees are most dormant. Planting a tree in the middle of the summer can add stress on the tree and make it more difficult for success in planting a tree. Plant a dwarf tree and create a special look in your yard.

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