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How to Plant a Hedge

How to plant a hedge around your lawn is a question many people are faced with every year when changing their landscape.  There are several types of hedges to look at before actually getting planting.  Short, tall, flowering, evergreen and there are hedges that will fill in to create a fence while others create a border.  After deciding on what type of hedge you want to use in outline your landscape you can get started on actually planting your hedges.

Planting a HedgeThere are two types of hedges basically, which are shrubs or trees that are planted closely to form a wall, and there are hedges grown to form a solid wall of growing material. In this article, we are going to talk about the types of hedges you grow from a very small youngling until they reach maturity of a full hedge you cannot see or walk through.

To plant a hedge you want to put them in the ground about as deep as they are when they are in the pot.  You don’t want to plant the hedge any deeper than what it was accustomed to when it was growing in the pot as this will cause additional stress on the plant.

In starting out to plant a hedge, you want to dig the hole so it is about twice the size of the container you are planting in the lawn area.  Hedges can be various sizes, sometimes in four-inch pots as starts, or in large five-gallon containers, so you want to make the hole bigger than the pot so you can work with the roots easily before packing the soil around the hedge.

Planting a HedgeEach hedge will grow to be a different size so when you plant a hedge you want to keep that in mind and place the hedges as needed for future growth.  What might look spread out right now, will become full thick fences of hedge in just a few years.

After making, the hole where you will plant your hedge you want to add a bit of new soil mixture to the bottom of the hole in a mounding way.  Pulling the hedge from the pot, you will loosen the soil a bit, loosening the roots of the hedge and then put it on the mound of soil in the hole.  To plant a hedge properly you want to ensure there are no air pockets in the soil so when you fill in the hole, be sure you stick your hand down in the hole to put the dirt in everywhere possible around the roots.

Fill in the hole entirely and water about a gallon every three days to help the roots become established. Plant a hedge during the spring or the fall rainy months so you don’t forget to water the hedge as needed. The cool air allows time for the roots to become established and then it can grow when the warmer weather comes around. Take your time in planting hedges and do not trim them for the first year and a type of thick fence will be grown when you plant a hedge.

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