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How to Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is a treasure that will last you a lifetime. A tree is a symbol of life, growing life that will be something stable in your life, in your landscape, and a tree is a symbol of memories for years to come.

In planting a tree you first have to decide what type of tree you want to plant in your yard. If this is an area where you have lots of sewage or water pipes, you want a tree that will not have long and extended roots over the years or you could have problems with your water and sewer over the years. A dwarf tree may be something you want to check into.

How to plant a treeIf you have a large yard, you may want a shade tree that will branch out and give you shade in the wide-open yard. Sometimes trees are used just to decorate, so you can choose a flowering tree to plant. Now that you have chosen what type of tree you want to plant, you can think about how to prepare the area and then plant the tree in your yard.

In planting a tree, you want to pick a site that fits the tree. Because you already have chosen the tree for your yard, you can now pick exactly where you want to place this tree. Begin by digging a hole that is about four times the size of the container that is holding the tree you are putting in the ground. If the tree is still small you can use a smaller hole, if you are planting a tree that has a ball of soil and roots with burlap you may want to get a front loader or back hoe to get the hole to the size you need.

Now that you have a hole, you can test the soil to ensure the soil has a good mixture of nutrients needed to support your tree. Many test kits cost just a few dollars are available in the larger retail outlets near you. Perhaps you find too much lime or your soil has too much acid. The test kits will tell you what additives are needed to balance out the soil best.

How to plant a treeNow that you have prepared and tested the area where you will plant the tree, you can add soil to the hole. You want to add a few bags of top soil, cow manure, mulch and just a few shovels of sand to keep the soil loose. Putting the tree in the hole, you will add more of the top soil and cow manure mixture while you ensure you don’t have any pockets of air in the soil surrounding the roots. Continue patting down the soil with your hands as you put each layer around the tree. On the top layer of soil you want to put a good chopped mulch or at very least a thick bark mulch to keep the moisture in the soil for the tree.

Don’t let the mulch touch the bark of the tree. When mulch continually touches the bark of the tree it will rot the tree and your tree will die off. Where you have planted the tree, you want to make the soil slope inwards so that the water will flow the tree down in to the soil, and to the roots. If you were to mound the soil the water will flow away from the tree and the tree will not get the moisture needed to grow. This is how you plant a tree for growth for years to come.

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