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How to sod a yard

How to sod a yard? If you have an area of your lawn that will not grow grass even though you have tried every type of grass seed, the question seems to be next on your list.  Adding sod to your yard is going to be easier than you might have ever dreamed, and adding sod to your yard is going to make the grass grow thick and full just as want.

How to Sod a YardFirst step to sod a yard will be to determine where you can find sod.  You will call all the local nurseries, and farming outlets.  Sometimes you will be directed to another store that specializes in yard and lawn supplies. When purchasing sod, you will be purchasing large amounts of grass already growing on soil, so you will see thick grass on one side of the sod, and roots and soil on the other side of the sod.  This is a great start in adding sod to a yard.  While you are on the phone with a sod supplier, you might want to ask the cost of the sod, and the lengths and widths that sod is available.  Some suppliers will sell only 10 x 3 rolls of sod while you will find others have larger minimums.

Now that you have a supplier for sod, you also should know the cost.  It is time to start preparing your lawn areas for sod.  You can sod an entire yard or you can sod just certain areas of the lawn where you have the most trouble in growing grass of any types. Don’t forget this could be small areas or large 20 x 20 or even larger plots of land. Sod can be heavy so unless you have a truck for hauling sod, you might want to inquire about what delivery fees are.

How to Sod a YardPreparing the area you will add the new sod will require a shovel, and a few hours of your time. Using a spade dig into the soil about three inches and lift the grass, roots and all from your lawn. Some areas will come out in large pieces, while others will be smaller.  You want to strip the old sod from the soil so you are left with level areas of soil where you will install the new sod. Remove large rocks and humps of soil so the area is then smooth.

Your sod delivery has arrived.  Installing sod in the yard should be done in the spring or in the fall months during the rainy seasons for the best results. If you install sod in the yard during other times of the year, you will need to water the sod for a few weeks daily until the roots take hold.

As you install the sod in the yard, you will step over the sod packing it down with your feet and your weight.  If you have a lawn roller, taking a lawn roller over the freshly sodden area will pack it down so you do not see the seams in the yard. Water the sod daily in the evenings to help the roots grow. The first few months, the freshly sodden areas should not be mowed. Only mow the new sod area in the yard after two months when you cannot see the seams any longer when the roots have taken a strong hold.  After your neighbors see your great lawn, they will be asking you how to sod a yard!

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