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How to choose garden tools

You always hear how important it is to use the right tool for the job.  This is just as important when it comes to gardening.  Sometimes it is hard to decide what tool to use for certain things when it comes to gardening.  How do you decide which is the proper tool to use in any given circumstance?   There are a few tips for selecting a garden tool to match the task you trying to accomplish. 

Choosing Garden ToolsOne thing that you should remember is that you should always use shovels for digging and spades for scooping.  Shovels have round tips and spades have a flat blade.  You will find that it will be easier to dig with the right tool. 

When you are raking the yard, there are two different types of rakes that you should use.  Flexible rakes should be used for lightweight materials such as lawn clippings from mowing the grass and leaves that have fallen from the trees.  Metal bow rakes should be use for the heavier jobs like grading soil and pushing mulch. 

Choosing Garden ToolsGet yourself a pitchfork when you are trying to remove twiggy materials such as small branches or sticks.  Use a spading fork to loosen hard soil or to turn the compost pile.  Cultivators are used to open the surface of the soil.  Cultivators add oxygen to existing garden beds and are also used to uproot young weeds. 

Take and use small, short handled hoes or week knives to remove weeds from existing garden beds.  You can use large, long handled hoes to remove weeds from an empty garden bed. 

There are a few things that you can do to keep your garden tools in good working order.  You can clean wooden handles with an oil-soaked rag, and use a metal file to sharpen the blades of digging and chopping tools.  Another good tip to remember is to use short handled tools for only small jobs.  Long handles are much easier on your back. 

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