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How to Create Curb Appeal

How to create curb appeal is something just about every homeowner asks their selves when they start the landscaping process for their new home.  If you want to create curb appeal for your new home, you can do it with just a little creativity and a few hours to spend on your project.  In creating curb appeal you are not only satisfying your own needs with the look of the outstanding lawn and drive but you are also creating and effect that your neighbors will just love and they will work a bit on their own landscape as well.

Creating Curb AppealFirst, take a paper; draw out your driveway and how the house sits on your lawn. Draw the your plot of land on that paper and then draw the outline of what you want to be creative with in landscaping and in creating curb appeal.  These drawings don’t have to be perfect or measured but it is to give you a great idea of how to get started on your project.

In creating curb appeal, you want to add a few shrubs, bushes and possibly a tree to your plan of plants to get started with. In using a few bigger plants and shrubs that are perennial and that don’t require a lot of maintenance you are creating curb appeal that will last through out all four seasons.

Next you will want to add a few smaller type perennial plants or flowering type plants that will be planted along the house and drive way.  These perennial plants will be smaller than your shrubs, but most likely a bit larger than the annuals you plant in the gardens every year.  This is known as layering and adds quite a bit of flare to your over all curb appeal you are searching for. Curb appeal involves adding color, layers and the ease in gardening through all four seasons so be sure to keep this in mind.

Creating Curb AppealNot all homes have a flat front yard, and you can use this to your advantage.  Use your creative moment when designing your curb appeal, to incorporate some additional changes that make your lawn area one that you are truly proud of.  In creating curb appeal you can add a rock garden, you could add small water garden or you could used a shaped evergreen tree to enhance the overall curb appeal.

Curb appeal is all about making the area in the front of your home and along your driveway something that looks good. What is going to look good, what is going to be considered curb appeal is a little different from one house to the next, but armed with your outline of the front yard, you can now head out to the driveway, use your garden hose to lay out where you want to get started on changing the landscape, and then you can get started on planting and changing areas that will increase the curb appeal of your home.

Don’t forget, use a wide variety of shrubs, bushes, possibly adding a tree, using a shape that will form down the driveway and all of this will add to the curb appeal!

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