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How to do Hillside Landscaping

Hillside landscaping is often thought to be difficult but we are going to tell you more about how to landscape a hill so you don’t have to mow the lawn over this slope.

The hillside is a steep slope where you most likely are afraid to ride the lawnmower over, or the lawnmower is difficult to maneuver over this area.  Landscaping a hillside is going to prevent your having to work in this area any time soon.  Pulling weeds however is another topic!

How to do Hillside LandscapingTo get started you want to determine how much of the hillside you are going to landscape. You want to kill off the grass that is growing in this area, or you can use a front loader and scrape all the sod off the hillside. You can put plastic over the hillside for the winter months, and then in the spring you are left with bare soil to get started with for your new project.

Adding a layer of soil may be needed if the hillside is rocky or it has very poor soil for growing any type of plants, bushes or shrubs. You might like to add a few huge boulders or rocks in the landscape creation you are making.  If you are considering using any types of stairs, large boulders, stones or rocks you want to install these first and then landscape around these large obstacles.

How to do Hillside LandscapingFirst, you will want to draw out the area on a piece of paper.  Determine where you will put stairs, stones or rocks, and then add the bushes, shrubs or trees you want to add.

Next, you will draw some of the smaller plants, perennials and bushes you want to add to the hillside landscape.  Placement of the perennials will be important because these will be areas you won’t really have to work with again, unless you want to separate a few of the perennials and change them around a little later.

For the finishing touches on your landscaping on the hillside you will want to add a few flowers, such as annuals that add color, that fill in those bare spots while your other plants take hold.  You should also add mulch of some type, red or brown, or even a mixture to cover the soil, hold the soil in place and to finish off that lovely landscaping on a hillside look.

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