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How to Make a Raised Flowerbed

If you have always wanted to learn how to make a raised flower bed, but have been putting it off because you thought it was too difficult, you may be surprised at how simple it really can be. You can use anything from railroad ties to landscaping timber to build your flowerbed. Timber can be purchased throughout the year and is probably the most common material used in constructing a raised flowerbed. Just remember to buy timber that will naturally resist rotting such as cypress or cedars. Otherwise, you may have to replace the flowerbed every couple of years.

How to make a raised flowerbedAfter deciding which material to use, then you need to decide what size of flowerbed you would like to construct. The first step in learning how to make a raised flowerbed is to consider the width and height you would like the flower bed to be. In other words, do you want the flower bed to be a four by four bed or a large eight by eight flowerbed? Other dimensions are also available, the choice is yours and will also depend on whether or not you plan to only have one raised flowerbed in your yard or several of them scattered throughout the yard. Once this decision has been made you are ready to nail the timber together and place it in the designated area.

How to make a raised flowerbedWhen choosing the area for your flowerbed you are looking for a place that has at least six hours of sunlight, but that is not in the direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. You also need a place that has a good drainage area. Of course, the raised bed itself aids in the drainage, but you still need a place that is adequate for this action. You also should take into consideration what you plan to plant in your flowerbed. Certain plants such as roses should not be planted near trees as the trees will take water and fertilizer away from the roses and interfere with their growth.

After the area has been chosen you can measure out the dimensions needed to fit the raised flowerbed. Clean out this location completely. That includes weeds, grass, flowers and anything else that is growing here; the area needs to be completely clean. Next place the constructed bed into the cleaned area and begin to fill the flowerbed with potting soil. Depending on the type of soil in your area you can place a couple inches of gravel or sand down before added the planting soil, the choice is yours. Then you are ready to plant the flowers of your preference and enjoy them for a long time to come. It is definitely worth it to learn how to make a raised flowerbed.


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