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How to grow a hummingbird garden

Growing a hummingbird garden starts right here – where you will learn more about the types of plants needed to create a hummingbird garden you can watch all summer long.  The hummingbird is a small bird that will eat up to three times its own weight in nectar foods each day.  The hummingbird is a tiny bird that feeds on the sweet nectar of flowers.  This nectar is the source for protein and foods it needs to survive.  Using chemicals and insecticides in your garden will keep hummingbirds from coming to any garden that you create no matter what types of flowers you might have.

Hummingbird GardenGrow a hummingbird garden near a large window in your home or in an area where you can sit and watch the hummingbirds when you want.  Grow a hummingbird garden in an area where the children will not run through the area and the noise levels are lower than other areas of the yard.  You can grow a hummingbird garden but then also use feeders and houses to attract and keep hummingbirds coming to the area when the flowers die.

Hummingbirds are creatures of habit.  If you create an area where the sweetest flowers are found, that are highly colorful and in an area that is relatively quiet, the hummingbirds will come. Perennial plants offer you the best value for your money.  Some of the perennial plants you should consider when creating a hummingbird garden are: the columbine, trumpet vine, strawberry foxglove, the coral bells, the red hot poker, or the torch lily but you can also use the cardinal flower, the great blue lobelia, or the bee balm along with a hummingbird bush.

Hummingbird GardenTo attract many hummingbirds to your garden area using a wide variety of highly colored flowers, along with a good mixture of bright reds you will attract more hummingbirds.  Hummingbirds will come back year after year as they come to rely on what you are providing in your gardens.  Grow a hummingbird garden using perennials, colors and plants that will climb.

Climbing plants such as those that will climb on a trellis, that have colorful and sweet smelling flowers are the types of flowers that will attract hummingbirds.  Vines combine with flowering shrubs, and flowering perennials will create a good mixture of nectar for the hummingbird.  Grow a hummingbird garden that also uses hummingbird feeders for those times of the year when flowers are not yet prevalent or not opened to attract hummingbirds.

To grow a hummingbird garden in your lawn, pick a suitable area not heavily traveled, a quiet spot.  Draw out the location on a paper, and then fill in the area with flowering shrubs, vines and colorful perennials listed above to attract hummingbirds.  Care for your gardens, keeping them weed free and use feeders to attract hummingbirds during off seasons.  Watch from the window as the hummingbirds come along as you grow a hummingbird garden!

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