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Landscaping Around Tree Areas

Landscaping around tree areas in your yard can be a difficult thing to do. There are a number of options, but you don’t want to harm the tree. In fact, you probably want just the opposite. You want landscaping around tree areas that will protect it from diseases, weeds, and other pests. How do you do it, though? Landscaping around tree areas has a lot to do with personal preference as much as it does tree health. Take a look at some of the options and decide what will work best for you.

Landscaping around treesOne option for landscaping around tree areas is to simply lay tree planting mulch in the area. Most people will put a border around yard trees so as not to have to mow around them. A ring from the circle where you planted may be lightly covered by a special mulch that keeps grass from growing while keeping the soil moist. This should always be spread fairly thin, though, as if it is too heavy it can be bad for the tree. Landscaping around tree areas can be just this simple, but if you want more elaborate landscaping around tree areas there are other options as well.

You can also put a wooden border as landscaping around tree areas. Inside the border you can put soil in which you may want to plant flowers. Flowers around the base of a tree can add a great little splash of color and serve as classic type of landscaping around tree areas. The wooden borders are easy to find at your local home improvement or garden store and are not too difficult to put in. You simply need to dig a couple of inch trench where you want them to sit and lay them in. It is as simple as that to get this type of landscaping around tree areas going.

Landscaping aound treesAnother landscaping around tree areas option you can do is a border of stone. This works much the same way that the wooden border does. In fact, you can still get that classic landscaping around tree areas look by doing what you do with the wooden border. That is, you can put soil inside the border and plant flowers so that there is a splash of color that enhances the look of your tree. In addition, it is fabulous landscaping around tree areas look.

Finally, a landscaping around tree areas method you can try is building a small wall around your tree. This wall can not only function as landscaping around tree, but also can be a way to hold additional landscaping around tree areas. Be careful, though. The temptation will be to fill up with mulch and peat moss in there, but keep it away from the trunk. If you are going to go deep, then taper the depth down as you get near the trunk of the tree.

Landscaping around tree areas is something that can really add to your yard. In addition, good landscaping around tree areas can also protect the health of the tree by keeping the soil moist and keeping pests away. When you begin planning your yard and you look at your tree, do not take the landscaping around tree areas lightly as it can really enhance your yard in ways you can’t imagine.

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