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Landscaping Estimator

All of us enjoy attractively designed residential places, public parks, college campuses, playgrounds, and every place that has visual beauty. Landscaping estimators manage the entire business, which includes everything ranging from designing, planning the locations of buildings, roads, and walkways, to the arrangement of flowering shrubs and trees, and the cost estimation. They create plans and designs, conduct research, estimate the costs involved, attend meetings with clients, and other professionals involved in the designing or planning of the projects, and visit the construction sites.

Landscaping EstimatorLandscaping estimators visit and analyze the site mainly during the planning and designing stage, in order to verify the suitability of the design, which can be incorporated into the landscape. Besides, they also supervise the construction at the site. However, the amount of time they spend at the office and site varies according to the nature of the organization they work for. For instance, those who work in big national or regional firms spend considerably more time out of the office, visiting sites that are usually away from the local area. Landscaping estimators work for a wide range of organizations such as real estate development firms involved in new projects, and municipalities constructing airports or children's parks. They help to determine the best possible arrangement of roads and buildings. Besides, a landscaping estimator also works with environmental scientists, foresters, and other professionals who work towards conserving or restoring natural resources.

The major duties of a landscaping estimator are as follows:

. To attend pre-issuance site visits for all the job orders in order to determine the existing conditions, develop client needs in detail, and estimate an initial approximation of different types of material used, and the costs involved.

. Develop estimates for job orders as per the technical specifications and drawings and offer valuable engineering suggestion wherever required.

. Make a list of items necessary for the construction and estimate quantity required for each item.

. Prepare quantity take-offs and enter line items into the on-site computer along with the pre-established unit prices.

. To create the price list for non-scheduled items.

. Solicit the complete proposal information from at least three vendors and subcontractors, including all supporting documentation of equipment, material, as well as labor costs.

. Provide the clients with written reports, sketches, models, photographs, cost estimates, and forward it to them for approval.

. Finally, evaluation of proposals from vendors and subcontractors for compliance with scope of work.  


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