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Landscaping with Rock

Landscaping with rock can be a way to add an element of the exotic to your garden and yard, or a way to make your traditional yard more natural in appearance. There are a wide variety of rocks that can be used to produce a host of effects; tropical rain forest atmospheres, mountaintop escapes, Zen style mediation areas are just a few.

Why Use Rock

Landscaping with RockRock is the perfect balance between hardscape and softscape. Hardscape is any landscaping element that is not a plant; softscape refers to plants. Rock, while not a living plant, is a natural element that looks very much part of the environment next to softscape.

In addition to adding a look of the natural environment to your designs, landscaping with rock can punch up an otherwise so-so garden or lawn.

Pick Your Theme

When considering landscaping with rock, you will want to know what kind of theme you hope to achieve before you start placing rock orders. If you are going for a Polynesian resort feel, lava rock is what you want. If you want the feel of the Highlands, semi exposed boulders under green lawns will suit you better. Polished river rock will be the perfect complement to a water feature stream running along side a teak deck. Picking your theme will get you started thinking in the right direction.

Know Your Rocks

Landscaping with RockLandscaping with rock means knowing your rocks. Picking the right kind of rock will not only result in the garden and yard you want, but can go a long way towards protecting both your bank account and your back. If you are planning on a waterfall and pond feature, you will most likely be dealing in the tons of rock. If you were considering a few planters filled with colored stones, it’s going to be lighter in dollars and pounds. Lava rock and fake rock are the lightest alternatives available.

Fake Versus Real

Why use fake rock, when real rock is more…well, real? Fake rock has a number of advantages that may or may not push them to the top of your choices, depending on what you want the rock for. Fake rock, in addition to being lighter than real rock of the equivalent size (often due to being hollow,) can be customer ordered. As such, it can fit the perfect puzzle piece you need to complete your design, or can be used to cover an eyesore such as a water main lid, electric control box, or exposed piping.

However you end up landscaping with rock, keep in mind your theme, your function, and your rock choice, and you will end up with a landscape you can be proud of.

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