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Lawn Spreader

A lawn spreader is a good thing to add to your tool shed. It belongs right next to you lawn mower, weed eater, leaf blower, and power washer.  Lawn spreaders come in drop and broadcast models.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Lawn SpreaderThe drop lawn spreader is the better choice for those with smaller yards, while those with a lot of lawn will want to take a close look at the broadcast models.  It should be noted that the drop lawn spreader is less expensive than the broadcast lawn spreader, and they both do the job equally as well.  The primary advantage of the broadcast model over the drop model is speed.  And if you have a small lawn, you probably do not have a real need for speed.  Each lawn spreader works exactly how it sounds.  The drop lawn spreader allows material to be dropped directly, spot-on to the lawn. On the other hand, a broadcast spreader tosses the material in a wider area, allowing you to cover a larger area faster.  In order to get the job done right with a broadcast spreader, you have to walk perfectly straight while applying fertilizer and should not stop until the job is complete.


Lawn SpreaderTo use a lawn spreader properly, get out the instructions that come with it and read them through.  People usually skip this step when they purchase something that seems very simple to use.  As a result, they make mistakes that they wouldn’t have had to make.  The result is streaks, discolored patches, and dead grass.  These are all problems that are virtually impossible to fix.  To further protect your lawn, be sure to calibrate the spreader before each use.  Instructions on how to do this should be included in the lawn spreader manual.  If they are not, don’t be tempted to ignore the task.  Go to the Web and look for instructions by typing “lawn spreader” or “lawn spreader and calibrate” into the search line.

Once you have used your lawn spreader, don’t simply wheel it into storage.  Instead, take the time to clean it up. Make sure the lawn spreader is dry before locking it away.  A lawn spreader gives you the ability to fertilize your lawn like the professionals – when you use this vital tool; you are performing the same task that you sign up for when you hire a service.  By doing it yourself, you have more control over the timing and the quality of the job.

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