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Laying Flagstone

Laying flagstone can reap you a beautiful patio, a custom walkway, or unique driveway expansions. If you plan to take on this do-it-yourself task, you must be willing to do some hard labor. And if you are, you could end up with a new addition to your landscape in just two or three days worth of work. So while laying flagstone will cause you to break a sweat, the pay off comes fast. Following is a quick review of the steps involved. It is a Laying Flagstonesimplified view, but it gives you an idea of what is involved.

When laying a flagstone patio, you would take the seven steps following steps:

  1. Take exact measurements and then mark off the area of the patio and remove the grass, gravel, or whatever is there. Use a spade to dig down 4” – 6” deep around the perimeter of the area and then use a digging shovel or heavy equipment to clear out the remainder of the area. Measure again to make sure that you are on the right track and make any adjustments needed.

  2. Level the area once it is cleared and pack it down.

  3. Build a form out of 2x4s and put it into place.

  4. Spread sand in the area and pack it down. Level the area again.

  5. Begin laying flagstone in one corner, placing each piece in according to your pattern. Make sure each brick is level with the next.

  6. Once you are finished laying flagstone, spread sand over the entire patio and sweep it off. This will ensure that all cracks are filled.

  7. Remove the form and follow your plans for the border of the patio. This might include stone, plants and flowers, groundcover, or mulch.

Laying FlagstoneThese are the minimum number of steps when laying flagstone by dry construction. If you are going to use mortar, there is a more complex process. A mortared patio will probably last longer, but you have limited flexibility. By laying flagstone as described above, you have a beautiful patio to enjoy while leaving your options open. Suppose you want to integrate a fire pit, expand it, or decrease it in size? Anything that is mortared in is going to take a lot more work to get out than something that is laid in sand. Now that you have a general idea of the steps involved. If you want to move forward, you should talk with professionals to find out how to make the patio you envision a flagstone reality.



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