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Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are a great tool for any yard, no matter how big or small. A leaf blower eliminates the need for raking, making cleaning up your yard a more appealing task for everyone. No one likes to rake and, by owning a leaf blower, you are able to enjoy for the first time maintaining your yard. Leaf blowers are easy for everyone to use. They are fairly light and easy to carry around with the standard shoulder strap that is normally attached.

Leaf BlowerLeaf blowers have been around for awhile now and this means that they are no longer as expensive as they once were. You can now find a quality leaf blower for under $65 at almost any retail store. This is a great deal considering the amount of work you will be saving yourself with this leaf blower.

Using Your Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are most popular in the fall season because of the excessive amount of leaves falling. Each and every leaf blower has a useful shoulder strap for you to hold on to the leaf blower with little or no effort. There is a bag that is attached to the back your leaf blower which catches all the leaves you are sucking up through the long tube that you are holding.


This bag can be easily opened and emptied with a simple zipper that is attached to the side of the bag. There are some leaf blowers that are battery charged and others that are electric and need to be plugged in to remain charged. Of course the more popular are of course the battery charged leaf blowers. Remember that although there are some electrical leaf blowers, their cords are generally long enough to not cause you any problems.

Rules of Leaf Blowing

Leaf BlowerThere are many different things that a leaf blower can be used for. The obvious two would be blowing the leaves out of your yard and sucking the leaves into the bag. The main and most important rule is to avoid sucking up rocks, branches and other miscellaneous items that will inevitably clog your leaf blower. When your leaf blower is clogged this may cause sparks or an explosion of your leaf blower. This is very dangerous so always watch what you are doing when you are using your leaf blower to avoid any technical damage.

Leaf blowing is more common today than raking. You almost never see anyone raking their lawn when they could be simply sucking up the leaves and dumping the bag full of leaves into a garbage bag. This is the absolute simplest way to maintain and clean your yard to ensure it looks picture perfect with far less work involved! Look for leaf blowers at any retail store where gardening and lawn supplies are sold. No matter what make or brand you are looking at you are sure to find that your raking days are over. Each and every leaf blower is of course different but they all get the job done.

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