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Natural Landscaping Ideas

Are you bored looking outside your window and seeing the same boring, tired yard? If you have had enough of it, then natural landscaping design is the solution you have been looking for. Natural landscaping is a way to design your landscape on a low budget, and which requires very little maintenance. Here are some ideas for natural landscaping.

Natural Landscaping IdeasWant your garden to look like a golf course? - If you plan to design your yard using natural landscaping ideas, which incorporates wide vistas of manicured grass, then you need to a good quality of grass, which is suitable for the weather conditions of your area. If you select the grass quality carefully, then you can have a lawn that looks just like a golf course. It will be much easier if you choose native species of grass and plants, and allow them to grow naturally rather than fighting against Mother Nature.

 Does your backyard slope steeply? – If it does, perhaps you could cut away some of the slope, and incorporate a landscaping wall using landscape blocks or natural stones. This will give you space for a pool or lawn. By using natural stone, you can give your yard a more natural and rustic look. You can also use a tiered wall to plant flowerbeds, the layers of which can create an illusion of distance.

Do you enjoy the deck, but still want a garden area? - Connect the garden and the deck using stones and small patios. Set landscape boulders at various accent points and place comfortable benches at the edges of the patios. You can surround these areas with shrubs and flowers. You can also craft a beautiful backdrop by creating vertical plantings, using two or three levels to reduce the impact of the deck.

Natural Landscaping IdeasDo you have a lakeside view from your backyard? – Create a two-level patio using stones and flowerbeds to separate the two levels. If you have a nice breeze blowing from the lake then you may want to install a pergola to create a pleasant ambience.

Does your backyard include low-lying wet areas? – You could create a landscape design that incorporates and enhances these natural features. You could excavate the wet areas to form a pond. Position some landscape boulders around the edges, and perhaps around a small island. Place natural wetland plants in and around the water, and then give a finishing touch by creating a bridge.

You can get more natural landscaping ideas on various websites, and design your garden to provide beauty, color and tranquility.


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