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Queen Palm Tree

Landscapers, gardeners and tree lovers all appreciate fast growing shade trees. Fast is a relative term, often measured in years, but provides a full crown of leaves and plenty of shade quicker than most trees. Palm trees have a large range of fast growing shade trees, including the very popular Queen Palm.

Queen Palm TreeFor a regal addition to your yard, consider planting a Queen Palm tree or two. The Queen Palm tree is one of the most commonly used of palms, favored by gardeners and landscapers for its regal height, big spreading crown, and relatively fast growth.

A Queen Palm tree averages between 25 to 50 feet in height, but have been spotted as large as 60 feet from ground to crown top. The spread is around 15 to 25 feet, providing a nice circle of shade on sunny days; a line of Queen Palm trees can shade a house quite well.

The palm leaves are around 18 to 36 inches long. The queen palm is suited best to well drained soils with a high acidity; avoid alkaline soils. In moist conditions, with plenty of fertilizer, a queen palm tree will grow rapidly. It can attain 25 feet in height in seven to ten years.

Queen Palm TreeThis palm is not without its rules for care, of course. It is not susceptible to lethal yellowing disease but is vulnerable to gandorma butt rot; a new disease that has cropped up in Florida palms and has no treatment. Care should be taken when pruning this palm, as a misstep could cause damage that would kill the tree. Palm leaf skelentonizer and scale are two insect pests that cause problems for the Queen Palm, and need to be watched out for.

The Queen Palm is not native to North America. It has a USDA Hardiness Zone rating of 9B through 11; these are the areas the tree will grow without difficulty. This means that if you live in central or southern Florida, southern Texas, or coastal or southern California, the Queen Palm tree is a good choice to provide a bit of shady majesty to your landscaping.

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