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Red Lava Rock

Aloha! Are you looking for a way to add color, exotic flavor, and natural hardscape to your yard? Perhaps you need decoration for your fire pit, seat lodge, sauna or pool side? Adding a little or a lot of red lava rock to your space could be just the ticket to some exotic flair.

Red Lava RockForged in the heat of a volcano’s furnace, red lava rock is a lightweight rock that is a popular decorative element. Ground fine it can make a unique sand-based driveway, or poured in a flat stone bowl a stand-out Zen rock garden base. Small cuts of the pumice-like substance can fill a glass vase or surround the plants in a stone planter to add flair. Larger rocks can accent a garden, and still larger boulders can form centerpieces or frame water features, giving a rough edge to contrast with softscape roundness.



Because red lava rock is so lightweight it can make adding rock elements to your landscaping project a breeze, as compared to the back-straining boulders that might otherwise be used.

Red Lava RockPlacing lava rock in a garden won’t affect soil composition and is a permanent feature. Its unique porous material gives it a different look than other types of rock, and can add touch of the exotic to your garden. It is great for adding decorative, hardscape elements both outdoors and indoors.

Formed inside an active volcano after an eruption, lava rock’s porous nature is a result of silica landing on bubbles formed by steam, and then hardening into the rock that looks so good in your garden. Nature produced this marvel in such a way that has yet to be artificially duplicated.

From sand made from grinding red lava rock into particles, to medium size rocks up to two feet high, to boulders as far around as you are tall, red lava rock can provide a convenient, unique way to make a statement with your landscaping.

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