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River Rock Landscaping

One of the best ways to use river rock landscaping in your yard is to build a dry creek bed with it for drainage purposes. Good drainage is essential to your landscaping project as a whole, and using river rock landscaping drainage is one of the best ways to handle the challenge of drainage. Building a dry creek bed with river rock is the best way to handle this for a number of reasons. First, river rock landscaping adds to the aesthetic pleasure of your garden. Second, river rock is easy and inexpensive to obtain. Finally using river rock landscaping to help with your drainage is almost painless to maintain once it is in place.

River Rock LandscapingTo use river rock landscaping for a dry creek bed, plan the course of the drainage carefully. You want to mark the edges of that course with landscapers’ paint to be sure that you place the river rock in the right area when you get to that step. Remember to try to use a meandering course with your river rock landscaping, as it tends to look more natural in your river rock landscape environment. You need to start your slope as high up as you think necessary for good drainage in your problem area. Finish the course wherever you think is best.

Some people like to redirect the water flow to the street, but this needs to be checked with your city government officials first, as it can overwhelm the local sewer drains, causing serious problems for other homeowners. If they, though, are happy with your river rock landscaping plan, be sure to get something in writing from them. If that is not an option for you, you may want to end your river rock landscaping project at a location on your property where the water is not as much of a problem.

Your second option is to build a pond and have your river rock landscaping project end at the pond. Your river rock landscaping drainage plan shouldn't conform to any particular depth and width. Remember, though, that it should be wider than it is deep. Using a two to one ratio should serve you well in this area.

River Rock LandscapingOnce you are finished planning your river rock landscaping drainage project, you are ready to start digging. This can be fairly easy, but if you have tough soil, it can also take you some time to finish your digging. Mound the soil that you dig out on the sides of the bed. You will also need to tamp it down. Once you're finished, place landscaping fabric down to prevent the regrowth of plants. Use garden staples to hold the fabric in place. Your next step is the river rock landscaping itself. Your river rock landscaping will need to be mortared in place to ensure you get the best possible drainage. Place the largest rocks to the sides of your river rock landscaping project.

After you are done with your river rock landscaping drainage project, you can add plants to the area to give it the natural feel you may be looking for in your garden environment.

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