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Rock Garden Ideas

Rock gardens ideas can follow the large of the small. You can devote huge areas to the ideas of rocks and sand being the dominant element, or you can frame off a small section of yard, perhaps for peaceful reflection. Rock gardens can provide solutions to problem areas in your garden or yard. Perhaps you have an area that refuses to grow green and is dusty and dirty in clear weather and muddy in wet. A rock garden can take this otherwise detrimental spot and make it something unique to compliment your landscaping.

Rock Garden IdeasSome fun rock garden ideas include interactive gardens. Cubicles in offices across the globe sport mini rock trays of sand complete with tiny rakes and hoes and a handful of smooth stones, offering a momentary, meditative escape from daily drudgery. Taking the same concept and applying it to your rock garden ideas, consider the same thing in larger proportion. A table can provide the resting place for an oversized tray of sand, with plenty of black and white or even many colored stones to place. Rock garden ideas that incorporate guests in the design are a sure fire hit, allowing them to leave a bit of their own creativity in your garden.

Consider adding other elements to your rock garden, such as water and fire. Nearby garden torches can provide the later, while miniature water features can bring the water element into play. Fountains and waterfalls are larger considerations, but both would compliment rock very well. Some fountain bases can be completely hidden by a large rock cover, with a hole in the middle for the column of water. Placing a few complimentary colored stones on the surface and letting the water run will provide a slick, colorful and exciting piece of landscaping to your yard.

Rock Garden IdeasSince rocks are considered hardscape (anything not a plant), it might be hard to mix architectural elements into a rock garden. Consider using spiky plants, such as cactus and aloe. The long, sharp lines of spiky plants can serve as architectural elements and provide a stark contrast to the often rolling, curvy outlines of a rock garden.

From the smallest of pebbles to the largest of boulders, rock gardens can enhance landscaping, serving to either break up long expanses of softscape or highlight special areas, or serve as destinations themselves.

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