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Spring Flower Landscaping

One of the most difficult parts of spring flower landscaping is planting spring flower bulbs. One of the biggest challenges with spring flower bulbs in spring flower landscaping is that it must be planned for at least six months in advance. Many people who complete landscaping projects themselves usually do it on a weekend basis. As a result, convincing them to plan as far ahead as spring while they are in the midst of fall landscaping projects can be very difficult. In order to get the best spring flower landscaping, though, planning is the key.

Spring Flower LandscapingFor many, though, spring flower landscaping is a joy. Spring is a favored season. It represents birth and renewal after the harsh bleak realities that winter continually presents. The best part of spring flower landscaping is the flowers themselves. The simple buds and splash of color against what was a rough, brown landscape for so many months is amazing for many.

Not only does spring present some colors with a bit of spring flower landscaping, spring presents a perfect assortment of buds, which means more colors than you could have ever imagined. You can bring these colors into your yard with some spring flower landscaping by planting bulbs. Depending upon your assortment, some will bloom in the earliest days of spring while others will not mature until the later stages of the season.

When you get ready to plant your bulbs and start your spring flower landscaping, you will first need to decide what types of bulbs you would like to plant. The most popular bulbs include tulip bulbs, narcissus bulbs, crocus bulbs, and hyacinth bulbs. There are many others, though, that you may decide to include in your spring flower landscaping project, so look carefully at the nursery and talk to an attendant to help you decide exactly what you would like.

Spring Flower LandscapingBe sure to plant the bulbs just before the ground freezes for the year. This, of course, will depend upon the area you live in. For most spring landscaping projects, you should start in late September or around the first of October. One of the reasons you begin planting for your spring flower landscaping at this early date is to ensure that your plants will have the root system they need before the ground gets too hard for it to develop.

You must consider drainage when you begin your spring flower landscaping project. Your bulbs should be placed in an area that has good drainage. If you put your bulbs for your spring flower landscaping in an area that collects standing water, your bulbs are quite likely to rot. Moreover, you want to be sure that you put your bulbs for your spring flower landscaping project in an area where they will get a minimum of six hours of sunshine per day. When you start to think about the soil, don't be fooled by the products will tell you that you must have special treatments. You only need soil that is loose enough to be worked. If, though, you are using a new area for your spring flower landscaping, it might be a good idea to add a bit of peat moss.

The biggest challenge in spring flower landscaping is getting your bulbs planted well. Following these instructions, though, should help to get your spring flower landscaping project off to the right start.

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