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Squirrel Proof Feeders

Many gardeners choose to insert delicate and attractive looking bird feeders into their garden and lawns. These gardeners will instantly discover that many bird feeders on the market today are not squirrel proof feeders. Instead of having hundreds of birds at your feeder, you have dozens of squirrels -- this is not something any gardener wants to see. There are several different ways to prevent this, squirrel proof feeders as well as squirrel proof bird seed itself.

Methods of attracting birds and discouraging squirrels have been advancing for decades now. Squirrel proof feeders have been designed in many different ways; all achieving a different or higher level of success. This is something that can be taken as a trial-and-error type of event or you can look up each product and their reviews online. Being able to search and research these recent products is a great advantage for the average consumer. Depending on where in your yard or garden you are going to place this squirrel proof feeder, you may have many different product styles to choose from.

Feeder Styles

Squirrel Proof FeedersThe roller feeder is a very popular squirrel proof feeder that is sold online today.  This feeder is created to keep out squirrels and invite the smaller species of birds. This roller feeder was simply designed to keep the squirrels from eating all the bird seed. Its roller design is the key factor that keeps any squirrel from getting in and out.

There are also many different products you can purchase to shield your bird feeder from the squirrels. These products include squirrel barriers and squirrel repellant bird seed. If you choose not to buy a squirrel proof feeder, you can still manage to keep out the squirrels with these types of squirrel proofing products.


 Where to Buy your Squirrel Proof Feeder

There are hundreds if not thousands of retail stores throughout the USA and Canada which sell squirrel proof feeders. These types of bird feeders are becoming very popular because of the many squirrels eating all the bird seed and costing gardeners a lot of money in seed.

You can of course buy your new squirrel proof feeder online through many different online stores and product websites. This is sometimes the easiest way of purchasing your next squirrel proof feeder. You can view the product details online and become incredibly knowledgeable about your feeder before you purchase it.

If you are a bird lover and have several bird feeders around your yard, it is time to get a squirrel proof feeder to ensure you are feeding the birds not the squirrels. Many people waste hundreds of dollars a year on bird seed because of all the other animals eating it up before the birds even get to it. Squirrel proof feeders will save you tons of money in bird seed and you will acquire a large number of different bird species in your backyard. Once you have squirrels eating out of your feeder, all the birds you love will be scared away.


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