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Stone Garden Ideas

Stone garden ideas don’t have to be limited to the stereotypical; Zen gardens with large boulders full of character, artfully placed on a bed of sand raked to follow and flow with the universe.  While those kinds of stone garden ideas have their own appeal, you may be looking for new ways to use rocks, to create a literal rock garden, or may have a theme to your garden that won’t allow an Oriental style.


Tabletop Rock Garden

Stone Garden IdeasWhy not raise the level of your stone garden ideas; literally? A sturdy table with a raised edge can be the container for a bed of sand and a host of rocks of all varieties.  Now the Zen rock and sand garden takes on the interactive nature of the office desktop variety, but with the added interest of being free standing and much lager. Hanging the accompanying rakes, hoes and brushes along the edge of the table will keep them handy, and add a utilitarian feel. Inviting guests to partake will keep them entertained and give them a vested feeling in your landscaping.


Vase & Bowl Rock Gardens

Another way to bring stone garden ideas to the tabletop or other above ground locations is to make them in large vases or wide, shallow bowls. You don’t have to stick with the interactive, sand and rock versions; feel free to have a bowl of multicolored rocks, perhaps with a candle in the center, or a vase filled with levels of sand and rock of complimentary colors. Each one can be a project in itself, combining art and landscaping, and can be a welcome addition to any indoor as well as outdoor garden.


Hawaiian Rock Gardens

Stone Garden IdeasLava rock is a unique rock that will automatically bring an air of the exotic, especially if your home is in the north.  Porous and lightweight, large lava rock is easier to move and place that other rocks of the same size. Lava rock comes in red and grey varieties, giving a color choice, and perfectly complements water and fire elements, as well as tropical plants. Add a few Tikis and yard torches and you are ready for a luau.


Garden In Rock

For a twist to typical stone garden ideas, use a rock for a garden base. Finding a large bolder with a natural, bowl or trough shaped depression might be a challenge; fortunately, fake rocks can be made to order. Consider having a cap made for an existing boulder (if you can match it correctly) with a trough for dirt and plants. Then you can have a unique rock garden element, with colorful flowers or spiky plants seemingly growing right out of the top of the rock itself.


Whatever kind of stone garden ideas make it to your landscaping, rock is a great natural (or natural-appearing in the case of fake rock) hardscape element that will help make your outdoor space unique.

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