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Thistle Bird Feeders

Thistle bird feeders are an interesting addition to outdoor spaces.  After all, the greatest beauty is in movement – your colorful flowers swaying in the breeze, windchimes vibrating, and waterfalls cascading gently over Koi gracefully moving below. Why not enhance your landscape with thistle bird activity? Thistle bird feeders act as an invitation to the birds, and the food they dispense will keep the thistle birds returning to your landscape year after year.

What is a thistle bird?

Thistle Bird FeedersThistle birds are more commonly known as goldfinch. The dictionary defines them as having “yellow and black markings and as native to: North America, Europe, Asia.”  But this simple definition doesn’t do these brilliantly colored birds justice.  They are spectacular against the green of the trees or the deep colors or the flowers they fly against.  Some varieties are orange and those that are the rarest are purple, but the yellow thistle bird is the most common.  The thistle bird song is angelic.  It harmonizes well with other sound producing landscaping elements and also with the laughter of children and the conversation of adults as they gather outdoors.


How can I attract thistle birds to my yard?
Thistle bird feeders are the only way to attract thistle birds to your yard.   There are many thistle bird feeders on the market, with the newer ones being squirrel and small animal proof. The favorite meals of the thistle bird are thistle, naturally, and cracked-sunflower, suet cake, and peanuts. Thistle bird feeders are generally tube-shaped with small holes and can be placed anywhere in your landscape.  It is best to put the feeders within your view so that you can enjoy the birds. 

Great additions to the area where you place your thistle feeder include a birdbath and flowers with colors that bring out the yellow and black of the birds.  Make sure you keep the thistle bird feeder out of the reach of cats and that it is secure enough not to come down with the first strong wind that swings by.

Thistle bird feeder specifications
Thistle bird feeders are not complex. Beyond needing to be tube-shaped with small holes, you’ll want a perch that is only large enough to hold the thistle bird.  You don’t want blue jays, doves, etc. to bully the thistle birds away by perching on their feeder.

Will the area around my thistle bird feeder stay clean?
There is no sure way to keep the area of you thistle bird feeder clean.  The best thing to do is to make sure it filled with the proper food so that the birds don’t have to pick through it, discarding what they don’t want. As far as bird droppings go, they are part of having birds in your yard and your thistle bird feeder guarantees you’ll see droppings.  All that this means is that you’ll have to hose down the thistle bird feeder area often.  The only way to avoid this is to hang the feeder in a flower garden and allow the droppings to act as fertilizer.


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