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Water Gardening

Have you ever wanted to do something beautiful and unique to your lawn? Have you thought about water gardening? The sight and sound of water has long been a beauty that attracted the interest of people. Now more and more people want to bring that beauty to their homes. You have seen bird baths, water falls, fountains and more in and around people’s homes.

But a somewhat new and growing trend is in water gardening. Water gardening can vary from the very simple to the more elaborate with many flowing fountains, waterfalls and more. You might have just a simple and Water Gardeningserene pond or you might have many plants and flowing streams. You can even create streams to connect several different ponds or a smaller pond to a larger pond.

So when it comes to water gardening, how do you begin? Many people think that they have to have a big yard and a lot of space to build a water garden and this isn’t true. You can make a water garden in a smaller area if you are limited for space or even if you just want a smaller one.


You don’t need a natural pond to start water gardening as some people think you do. You can make a complete from scratch water garden without any existing water in the area. All you need is a good spot that can get about 6-8 hours of sunlight a day and you need the proper time to plan your water garden properly.

Water GardeningIf you take the time and plan everything out beforehand, your water gardening experience will be a pleasant one. You are also going to want to choose a spot that is far enough away from tall trees and other shrubbery so that you do not get fallen leaves and other debris in your pond.

You also need to consider different factors such as the space you have available on your property, your ability to maintain the pond, your budget for the building of the project and more.

Most ponds will want to have plants and plant life in them. Keep in mind when choosing your plants for water gardening that they should not cover more than 50 to 60% of the water surface. Plants provide the oxygen needed and keep the pond healthy as well as make it look very nice. You might even consider adding fish to your pond. Koi are very popular in water gardening but be sure you learn all you can about these fish and how they live before you try to put them in your pond.

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