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Starting a Small Landscaping Business

If you have an interest in starting a landscaping business, you probably already own most of what you need to start working.  Tools, supplies, and other items can be purchased on an “as-needed” basis so that you don’t need a huge upfront investment – you just pay as you go.  Though you will need a truck, you can even rent heavy equipment until your business picks up. Other big purchases that can come later include greenhouses, accounting and billing software, and eventually, a business address.  When first starting a landscaping business, you can simply work out of your home.

Starting a Small Landscaping BusinessWhen starting a small landscaping business, you need to determine how you will find your customers. Of course, word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective and least expensive form of advertising a service business.  But to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising, you have to have at least a few customers to start with.  Find these by distributing flyers in subdivisions of new construction.  Each time you get a job, be sure to place a sign in you customer’s yard with your business name and contact information.  You might offer the customer a discount to allow you to do this.  It is very effective and offering a customer discount is cheaper than placing a classified advertisement. 

A Yellow Pages advertisement is a must for anyone who takes their business seriously, and those starting a small landscaping business are no different.  In addition, you will need business cards and letterhead with a modern “earthy” design.  If your customers will be buying anything directly from your home garden, you will need to make your garden as attractive as possible.  Ideas include a garden pond, a well-done display stand for your harvested items, and printed brochures to hand out with purchases.  

Starting a Small Landscaping BusinessAnother part of starting a small landscaping business is negotiating prices with greenhouses and nurseries.  You might be able to even partner up with one, so that you can gain the benefit of dual advertising.  One thing you will definitely need to do is open up a credit line with these types of businesses, particularly if you aren’t in a position to pay for items upfront.  Another thing you might consider doing if you are in this position is to require customers to pay for the plants and to have them delivered to their property.  Doing this may also relieve you of the need to have a truck before starting your small landscaping business.

A small landscaping business can be lucrative.  Your total start up costs will be $500 – $5,000 but you could easily bring home more $55,000 per year with the right plan. 


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